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way2 fit-n-fine the one and only heath, obesity & beauty care centre in Gujarat, India having 5 Micro competences body shaper. way2 fit-n-fine offers best panchkarma services, slimming care services, obesity services, beauty care services, weight loss, weight gain services, body shaper services in India, Gujarat, Rajkot [ read more ]

The key to lose weight is to eat selectively and healthy food. At way2 fit-n-fine the clients are encouraged to eat the right kind of food. Our Doctor's prescribe a balanced diet for each individual require meal. We prescribe healthy food ...[ read more ]

way2 fit-n-fine being the pioneer in health care and fitness industry has always tried bringing the best to its clients. We understand that each individual has unique body structure, metabolism with different response to the weight loss program and as such our program is targeted at each individual client, supported by an expert team including:

We provides best panchkarma services, health care services, beauty care services, weight loss management...[ read more ]

Vaidya Dhirendra T. Joshi
D.S.A.C., Ayu M.& U., B.A. [Eng.]

  • Consulting Physician Ayurved - Herbal - Panchkarma
  • Practicing since 40+ years in only Ayurvedic Systems with Saam Niram concept.
  • Specialised in treating Chronic and Chellenging Diseases.
  • Elected member of Senet, Syndicate & Member of Board of Ayurvedic & Unani Systems.
Dr. Devesh D. Joshi

  • Consulting Physician Ayurved - Herbal - Panchkarma
  • Practicing since more than 15 years.
  • Specialised in treating Obesity without medication.
  • Specialised in advanced Dietary Therapy, Panchkarma Therapy with the support of Saam Niram concept of Ayurved.
Dr. Nipa D. Joshi

  • Consulting Physician Ayurved - Herbal - Panchkarma
  • Practicing since more than 12 years.
  • Specialised in Punsavan Sanskar, Obstretic Diseases & Gynec.
Ms. Rashmi D. Joshi